Color InSight is our flagship product. Designed from the ground up to be a powerful color management platform.

Color InSight (CIS) is a collection of tools to support the measurement, organization, refinement, and communication of color. CIS is built around a fast and flexible "color asset manager", designed from the ground up to be the best tool for working with color in all it’s many forms and formats. With CIS as the heart of your color workflow you’ll have a centralized location to manage all aspects of color communication and storage.

Cross Platform Easy to Manage

We like software that's easy to install, simple to setup and has simple straightforward licensing so we made Color Insight with those goals in mind. Color Insight is cross platform, can be setup in less than 5 minutes, and has minimal requirements. Because color measurement devices come in all forms from $20,000 spectrophotometers to your eyeballs, we support a wide range of options. Ultimately people work with color in many different ways, and we want Color InSight to work the way you want to work.

Let's share!

Love your favorite design application? Have an existing library of color palettes? No Problem!

Color Insight isn't designed to replace you existing tools. Instead we designed Color Insight to make your favorite programs work better. Because while most applications treat color as an afterthought, for us it's always our main focus. Color Insight lets your other applications do what they do best, enhancing them with tools that make organizing color schemes, matching color, and exchanging information quicker, simpler and more accurate.

It's easy to get collections of colors into Color Insight. We support color palette formats such as QTX, CXF, CGATS, CSV.

It's just as easy exchanging color data with you favorite applications. We support products from Adobe, Lectra, Generation Digital, Ned Graphics, EFI, Wasatch, and more.

Make it Match

Lets be honest, producing consistent color across different materials, light sources, and applications is hard.

Thankfully Color Insight ships with tools for matching libraries of colors across different print or production processes, in an simple, repeatable and automated manner that delivers the highest level of accuracy available.

Color Insight

Finding the right balance of features and ease of use is one of the most challenging aspects of software development to get right. We didn’t get it right the first time either. It took several years, many iterations. The result is a powerful piece of software that's easy to use. But we're not done. Color Insight gets better each year because we're constantly working with our customers to drive enhancements.

Feature List

  • Color Insight Color Asset Management Features
  • Color Insight Color Asset Management Features Find the closest match to a sample in an existing library.
  • Sort colors by hue, chroma, lightness.
  • Add meta data to colors and search for saved attributes.
  • Import colors from QTX, CXF, or CGATS file formats
  • Export palettes directly into Adobe applications

• Manage and track printer, displays and measurement devices. See printer errors, supply levels, calibration status and associated profiles. • Create color palettes from images, measured colors, or color values. Automatically replace close matches with existing library colors. • Quickly generate customized palette chips in different sizes or shapes and with customized metadata tags. • Run reports on color use, achievability etc. • Export color information to Excel, plain text or QTX, CXF, ASE or supported RIP Spot Color Tables. • Save colors directly into the Color Insight Database using hand-held spectrophotometers such as the X-Rite Ci6X, i1 Pro2, and Data Color Check II. • Convert color values between color spaces,profiles or between different illuminants. • View ICC profiles in 2D and 3D space. Plot sample points over profile views. • Compare, average and edit measurement data sets.

Color Optimization Even when color management is correctly configured and implemented getting printed color to match spot on to a fabric or paper reference color is often a significant challenge. In many cases the fallback method is to adjust individual colors until the result finally matches. While that approach works it's tedious and subjective. CIS gives you a better way to match color. Using a hand-held or scanning spectrophotometer the application can match thousands of colors to within less than 1∆e, that's really good for those of you who are not color geeks. The corrected values can then be imported into your favorite design application. Palette Charts Color Insight automates the process of formatting color charts. Simply select a collection of colors choose a page size and CIS will automatically layout colors, add names, color values or other custom information. Customize the charts by specifying row and column count, order, palette shape and background color. Color Calculator The color calculator easily coverts color values between color spaces or formats. Turn RGB into HEX. Convert Lab to CMYK. Calculate sRGB in Adobe RGB. Palette Exchange Using the palette export option you can easily transfer you palettes into most of the leading design, illustration, and CAD software.