Hello world! (again)

Welcome to the latest (and hopefully last for a while) refresh of the Archcolor website.

The new site is still a bit rough, kind of like the last one… but we’ve made a number of changes that that should make it much easier to update. The performance is better, and of course we’re tweaking things to improve the mobile experience.

In other news we’ll be adding a new section devoted to Color Science….because well that’s kind of our thing. There’s not a lot there right now but the hope is to grow this section over the coming years, providing some useful resources to those people working on color related projects. Color Insight owes a lot to the many people who have contributed comments, code and entire projects to the community and we want to give back as well.

Expect to see fairly constant improvements to the site over the next few months as we prep for some significant product updates.

As always thanks for you interest, and patience, and please check back soon for more updates.

– Julian Mussi